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We help business owners and managers to identify the value added opportunities within their business, eliminate waste and release the hidden capacity available.

Why we do what we do

Our driver is a simple one; having had long and successful careers developing operational strategies that work and deliver, often using lean thinking across a diverse range of businesses, we look to help others understand, adopt and create their own breakthrough to help their business deliver excellent customer service.

We are driven by our passion for improving businesses and the people within it, so if...

  • You have a great business and yet know there is more that could be done?
  • Your customers are demanding more of you and market conditions are tough?
  • You have a good team but all are too busy delivering the product and service to drive the changes needed?
  • You need a trusted partner, someone who knows how to help you develop and deliver a new way of working, whilst reducing costs and engaging your team.

...we should talk.

Interested in learning more?  We are happy to discuss your opportunities, no obligation on your part, and if we can give you some free advice or point you in the right direction then we feel we have given a little back.


What we do

We help a business identify the opportunities within their business, in both administration and operational areas, eliminate waste and release the hidden capacity available. We develop strategy with you and design a solution to your unique situation: we don’t just offer a standard solution, we work with you and your team to make sure that the changes made work for you and deliver in both the short and long term.


“I reported as regional lean implementer to Bob in his functions as Lean Director, Europe. Bob is not only a good coach in teaching the lean philosophy but also sets clear objectives and guides you in the correct way to achieve as well company as personal goals. Bob is respected by all leve... Bart Willekens

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Case Studies

Raleigh CoatingsRaleigh Adhesive Coatings

Raleigh Coatings, a family owned business and part of the Apollo group, was originally established in 1989 to specialise in pressure-sensitive adhesive coatings. As the business expanded, the company extended its services as a contract coating supplier into the medical and specialist coating markets. Raleigh has now grown to become one of the UK’s leading specialist producers and suppliers of premium, adhesive-coated materials and related systems.

In December 2012, the firm opened a new, dedicated silicone gel contract coating line. This bespoke coating line delivers high quality adhesive coatings undertaken to clean-room standards.

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